Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Look at these kids...

37 years ago today these two young pups said I do... and I am proud to say these are my parents and the grandparents to my children.
October 12th, 1974 - Thessalon
Not too many couples can say they are celebrating 37 years of marriage and are actually HAPPY. But if you know these two... you know that they are in love, and they don't have to brag to anyone about what a great partnership they have... they just live it.

These two truly are an example to me of how I want my marriage to turn out in another 31 years. My parents are not flashy people, they are not over-the-top, and they don't require much in their everyday lives to keep them happy - this is what I love about them. They are honest and sincere, they are supportive and proud, they are realistic and true, they are wonderful individuals, but even more than that, they are a great pair.

After 37 years, I can't say that I have ever witnessed a time in their marriage when they weren't in love... yes they've argued, yes they've been upset from time to time, but in all these years, they have always taken their marriage seriously, and because of that, they truly are the best of the friends.

Mom and Dad, I wish you nothing but happiness today and the MANY years ahead of you. Happy Anniversary to a wonderful couple, and the best parents a girl could ask for!

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