Saturday, May 28, 2011

A little dose of tulips!

Last Saturday, on the long weekend, we took advantage of the beautiful afternoon and hit up Ottawa's annual tulip festival.

We went a few years ago, and it was cold and windy, but still just beautiful.  This time around, it was the exact opposite... hot and muggy - and even the tulips had a little sweat on!

However... even though the weather was a little sticky for May, the tulips were, in their own hot and sweaty way, still beautiful. Given the hundred degree heat and the draw of a gazillion tulips the photo opportunities with two curious boys were minimal... but I did capture a few quick shots (not my best work, but I think it accurately illustrates the day)!  To close off the tour, we trekked up to the Champlain lookout.... and a stranger took an awesome family shot of us, which I really like - so much so, that I've added it to my header.

Tulip time in Ottawa's spring is always a fun time... if you haven't had a chance to go, its worth the trip, especially for photo enthusiasts and family fun seekers!

The tulips were THIS big!

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