Monday, May 02, 2011

Not just any bowls!

There are some memories of my childhood that will never fade... like the one that includes these bowls?

They may look your standard plastic bowls... but for me there are endless memories of spending time with my Grandma and Grandpa Bellerose. These were the special bowls that held my Grandmother's stove cooked popcorn.  You know the kind where you heat the oil in a pot, drop the popcorn seeds in, and then shake the hell out of the pot every 15 to 20 seconds for 10 minutes!  No one did it better than my Grandma B. And when it was finally ready... she served it up in these signature bowls. 

As a child... this was something to look forward to on a Saturday night when Mom and Dad were going out, and I needed to be 'looked after'! Once the popcorn was ready, I'd get to choose my very own bottle of Fanta pop to drink, and we'd all settle down in the living room, in front of the floor model tv to watch Lawrence Welk (that's was the not so fond part of the memory - honestly... bad music and ball room dancing for two hours... I was asleep 15 minutes in, but I think that was part of Grandma's plan all along)!

Just looking at these bowls, I can taste how yummy her popcorn was... and I don't think I'll ever have a bowl of popcorn quite like hers, again, in my lifetime.

I acquired these bowls close to 15 years ago... just after my Grandma passed away. While other family members were concerned about jewelery, crystal, and fur coats, I had one mission on my mind - secure the popcorn bowls - these really mean more to me than any other pieces she owned, and now I have them in my home and I am proudly using them to serve popcorn to my family, but more importantly, serving up a piece of my childhood to my boys! 

I don't know why but every year in the springtime I am always feeling a little void in my life because all of my grandparents have passed, but I also feel so privledged to have childhood memories, like the ones with the popcorn bowls, to remind me of just how lucky I am to have been loved by my grandparents!

Do you have any special pieces in your home to serve as a reminder of your childhood?
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