Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cottage Life!

I know... I've been MIA - again... the story of my entire blogging life, but for good reason - family VACAY!!

We just spent 10 days at the cottage... and the weather was exceptional! I am hoping for a repeat forecast for our time there in August too!

We did NOTHING... and I loved it. I had my blackberry up there, but didn't even use that, the reception was a bit shady at best, so it was nice to be offline and to realize... I didn't miss anything much!  I find being at the cottage with a baby and a toddler is much less relaxing than it may have been 3 to 7 years ago when it was just PC and I, but its also more entertaining and it allows me to reflect on all the wonderful things in my life over coffee, a few drinks, and some warm sunshine!

I did manage to get the camera out for a few shots using my new lens that I got from my parents as a Christmas gift. I love it... it makes me feels semi-professional in a non-professional photographer type of way!

I hope you all enjoyed the first week of July... I know we did!
Yay for SUMMER!

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