Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cottage Life!

I know... I've been MIA - again... the story of my entire blogging life, but for good reason - family VACAY!!

We just spent 10 days at the cottage... and the weather was exceptional! I am hoping for a repeat forecast for our time there in August too!

We did NOTHING... and I loved it. I had my blackberry up there, but didn't even use that, the reception was a bit shady at best, so it was nice to be offline and to realize... I didn't miss anything much!  I find being at the cottage with a baby and a toddler is much less relaxing than it may have been 3 to 7 years ago when it was just PC and I, but its also more entertaining and it allows me to reflect on all the wonderful things in my life over coffee, a few drinks, and some warm sunshine!

I did manage to get the camera out for a few shots using my new lens that I got from my parents as a Christmas gift. I love it... it makes me feels semi-professional in a non-professional photographer type of way!

I hope you all enjoyed the first week of July... I know we did!
Yay for SUMMER!

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Angela said...

Love the pictures Sara. The boys are too cute. I especially love the one of Emery giving a thumbs up. Priceless!! I'm glad you guys had a relaxing week. It's such a beautiful spot, the girls still refer to it as PARADISE!! =) Logan said to tell Emery that someday when he is older he will take him tubing again and he promises that Emery will love it. ;) He also said to tell Pete that he's glad he had a good week and that as of yesterday he has put his request in. In his next life he wants to come back as Peter Coleman and he wants to work for the government. LOL Hope to see you guys soon. :)