Monday, December 12, 2011

2011: A visit with Santa (@ Carlingwood Mall)!

It wouldn't officially be Christmas in our household without a little trip to see the big guy in the red suit.

You may recall that our attempt to see Santa Claus last year with E was unsuccessful in snapping the traditional Santa & Me photo, but E does love all things Ho-Ho, and this year his excitement should be bottled up and stored for when he is 14.

H on the other hand has never officially met Mr. Red Suit, and at first he seemed okay with it, but when it came time to hand him over, he had a little freak out. I really wasn't expecting it because E at that age was so content and unaware of strangers, but H is a different baby, and frankly and he and Santa did not hit it off. The best part of the entire scene may have been when E tried to reassure H by saying 'its okay Huddy Buddy', when really E was questioning the whole thing too!

A week or so ago I asked for some advice on Twitter about who had the best mall Santa, and I got several opinions. In the end, we opted to go with Mr. Claus at Carlingwood Mall. I like the photo option with this mall Santa, as it was $10 and they gave you a DVD on the spot of all the photos they snapped during your interaction with Santa.  Santa himself at Carlingwood was also a selling feature.  He was very welcoming and took the time to get to know the boys without rushing them into the photo op. In addition, both boys got a little stuffed toy to take away (not CANDY)!

Overall, the fact that E did not want to do the Usain Bolt 100M dash outta there was a success in itself, and while H was a bit upset about his first encounter, it definitely could have been worse!  E did get to tell Santa that 'I'mah been a good boy' and 'I want a FIRETRUCK'.  I think Santa got it loud and clear by the end... firetruck - Emery - check!

Here are a few photos from the days events! Thank you Carlingwood Santa and your photo elves! We'll be back next year!

As a side... not sure if you saw the article in the Globe and Mail recently about taking your kids to get 'the photo' with Santa, but its worth a quick read if your looking for a chuckle! My colleague, Emilie, is in the cover photo with her son and daughter. Classic photo! If you have time be sure to browse through the photo album that goes with the story.

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