Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Family photo... that I love!

Last month, we had a friend of PC's come and take some photos of H to document him in his infant state.  I love the black and white photos when babies are so young, like H, so PC contacted his friend and got the shoot scheduled.

The photographer, Greg Snyder of Greg Snyder Photography, did this at a reduced rate for us (he did not charge us enough for his time, travel, and editing) as he is enhancing his portfolio with more babies. He is already an accomplished landscape and scenery photographer.  You only have to visit his website or blog once to see that the work he has done in the past is breathtaking.

I have to admit, I am a newborn and baby photography website junkie - I visit all kinds of blogs and sites on shooting newborns and kids. Prior to the shoot, I got the impression that Greg had not shot a lot of babies, so my expectations for this shoot were low, but I was pleasantly surprised with how things turned out. 

First of all, Greg is very personable, as is he is lovely wife, Jennie. Although the shoot was a little unconventional, given it was in our home, it all went very well considering we were not in a studio setting. Greg had a good concepts for newborn shots. There are a few shots that although they are not the perfect shot the ideas are very solid. My only regret is that because I was so preoccupied with getting some extra props for the shoot, looking after the kids, and socializing, I did not realize until after Greg was gone that we barely took any pictures of just me and H, or even one of just PC and I (sans kids). However, despite that, I was really happy with the results and I think Greg did a really great job with the shoot given the limitations of our house, and the schedule and temperament of the kids (E was not loving the camera that day at. all.) And, the unexpected bonus... was getting to watch Greg in action - as I learned a few things about photography lighting and background tricks that I can now put to use in my own amateur photo shoots!

Thanks so much Greg (and Jennie) for your work- please know your favour to us has not gone unnoticed. Thanks so much for leaving us with my newest love... an awesome family photo, and some great keepsakes of my boys!

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