Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Aww Sh#t!

Around our house, its no secret that PC and I like to throw out an f-bomb or a few other occasional swears mixed in with our daily conversations.  We both often say 'sh#t' or 'f@#k' if we've:
  • forgot something
  • dropped something
  • remembered something
  • stepped on something
  • broke something
  • kicked something
  • stubbed something
The list goes on!

As many of you probably know, when you have a two year old in the house, everything you say gets repeated.  I like to think I am little better than PC when it comes to swearing in front of children. I think about what I'm saying before I actually say it. PC on the other hand, has no filter, and if he's thinking it, it's already coming out of his mouth.

This morning, while I was trying to get the last 20 minutes of sleep for the day before H woke up to feed, I overheard PC trying to get E out the door to daycare. He was also trying to get himself out the door to work. PC must have forgot something when I overheard the following conversation:

PC: C'mon on Goose, let's go.
E: Daddy, choo-choo track (as in where is? I want to take it to daycare).

PC: Let's go.

Door opens...

PC: Awww SHIT.
E: Shout? Shout Daddy?
PC: Yes, shout (*chuckling*).

PC goes down stairs...

E: Shout. Aw shout. Shout Daddy. Shout.

PC comes back up stairs...

E: Shout.
PC: Yes, Emery, Shout. Daddy said shout, now let's go.
E: Choo-choo track?

Door slams.

And its forgotten.  I was having a laugh upstairs to myself as H starts crying - to which I thought 'Awww shit, he's up', but didn't say a word.

I have to admit I had the same experience with E the week before when I was home by myself with the boys. I was feeding H on my bed, and E was on the bed beside me watching Wiggles. I went to grab for something off the nightstand and I dropped it, to which I reacted 'Shit' and my little repeat replied 'Shout Mommy? Shout?'.   Yes, shout - shout shout shout!

It's tough adjusting vocabulary when your so use to talking like that... but I think PC and I both need to learn that the time is now or else we'll have two boys on our hands that say 'Awww SHIT' when they drop a cheerio - and we drop a lot of cheerios in this house!

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