Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Memories

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a pic that represents the Halloween memories I have from my childhood. Its snapshot of my sister and I with my Grandpa... and I truly heart this photo.  First all my grandfather was an AWESOME guy... and second of all, look at our costumes.

These were not costumes purchased at Old Navy or Children's Place or Gymboree... these were some classics that required a little imagination, some hand selected items out of our closets mixed in with a few accents thrown in by my parents. Add some face paint from a kit my mother bought back in 1974, and a black mask for my sister and you've got yourself a pretty successful Halloween.  If can't tell my sister is The Karate Kid, and I'm Punky Brewster.

I remember this Halloween vividly because my mother had lent me her precious silk scarfs for my one of my pig-tails and I lost it out on the trail to hunting down the best Halloween finds our small town had to offer. As you can see in the picture, it was still intact at my Grandpa's house... but later that night I would discover it was missing, as well as, the look of disappointment on my mother's face when she too realized it was gone for good.

Halloween back then was always something to look forward to... we would grab our pillowcases and speed walk around town eagerly trying to cover as much ground as possible before our curfew.  We would lug our pillowcases until we couldn't lug them anymore... cursing all the houses that gave us Pop, but secretly loving that we'd get to have a pop a day for well over the next two weeks until our stash ran out. It was always a fun-filled evening and one that created awesome memories for me as a kid.

Now days, I wonder what kind of Halloween memories will stick with my boys as they grow up... will it be the fancy costumes, craving pumpkins, or going house to house in our neighbourhood collecting treats? I don't know, but I hope as the years roll on in our household there are plenty of memories to come our way!

What do you remember about Halloween as a child... ?

I can tell you one thing... when I look back on this photo below - I thank god that I A. grew my bangs out, and B. my parents had  the money to get me braces! This is perhaps a Halloween memory to forget!

(Erin Seller, this one's for you!)

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