Sunday, September 25, 2011


E has his first CANSKATE lesson yesterday morning, and despite a few tears at the beginning, I was very proud of him!

He was very gung-hoe to go skating... all week he had been asking how many more sleeps, and 'are we goin' to the wink now?' with much anticipation, but yesterday morning at breakfast he quietly confessed 'I don't wanna go no more'.

I half expected this, as this is the type of child he is... very excited, but nervous and shy when it comes to actually doing something he's never really done before, and with people he doesn't know.

The thing about skating for a parent is that its not as easy to say, oh go on, you'll be fine... because its a skill he has yet to acquire. Its not like dropping him off at daycare and knowing that he will actually be fine once you leave him.  But nonetheless, skating is a skill that can provide enjoyment for many years to come - and I think he will love it once he gets the hang of it - hence the need for the lessons!

So... yesterday morning we suited him up in some layers, splash pants and a warm jacket (despite the 30 degree weather).  We arrived at the rink in good time, he got his name badge, his skates on, and eventually we secured the helmet.  As he lined up to go on the ice he was clinging to PC like white on rice... but with the direction of the instructors, we handed him over to their guidance and that's when the tears came.

His teacher was extremely patient and once he could see us on the boards watching him, he sucked up the tears and started to listen to what she had to say. It was slow, but she worked with him and eventually he was standing on his own, and starting to take a few baby steps on his skates. He fell once - a good fall - and there were a few more tears, but with the teacher's guidance she helped him get back on his feet, and making forward motion.

The CANSKATE sessions at our club are only 25 minutes long, which was a great length for him.  When he came off... he was smiling (as in the 'I can't believe I survived that' type smile), and when we announced how proud we were of him for trying, his face lit up.

I was more than thrilled with how the lesson went, as I assumed it would go much worse, to the point where he wouldn't even try because PC and I were not there to help him.  Boy was I wrong - and pleasantly surprised.  I can't wait for next week... but I am sure E is glad he has a seven day rest ahead of him!

Here are a few pics from the morning skate... we *may* just have a future Olympian on our hands!

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