Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Baking Christmas Cookies

Every year growing up, my Mom made a point of baking Christmas cookies with my sister and I. It was one of those festive occasions I always looked forward to... and something I have always wanted to do with my boys.

Last year, when my Mom was down patiently waiting for Hudson to make his entry, she and E baked some cookies together and he loved it.  This year, although she was down for H's first birthday, cookie baking was not on the agenda!  I decided awhile back that this was the year I was going to have to go it alone (and by alone I mean with some very detailed guidance for the master herself).

In the fall, on a separate visit, my Mom gave me a tutorial on her secret 'cross between sugar and shortbread' dough recipe. At the time, we made a batch of dough and froze it so I'd have it on hand and ready to roll (no pun intended) when the time came.

Last Friday was rainy and wet, and the perfect day to do it. E was eagerly awaiting this activity and as head decorator and official taste-tester, he did a great job. H on the other hand was also eager and as quality control for the pre-cooking side of things, he swiped up two mitt fulls of cookie dough before we had a chance to scream 'Stoooooooooop'! What a boy.

We had a fun afternoon carrying on an old tradition for me, and making it a new tradition for the boys and I in our household. As per usual, the dough was perfect Mom, and I had two happy cookie monsters at the end of it.

What about you... do you bake Christmas cookies or have any other special traditions you like to carry out with your families during this season?

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