Friday, December 31, 2010

So long 2010

Well.. what a year that was!

Normally, I do a year-in-review on the blog, but this year, I didn't blog for like 3 months, so I feel like a recap post would be lacking a lot of content, but nonetheless, its a tradition here, so I'll stick it out!

In a nutshell I think 2010 was pretty good year, which ended on such a high for our family with the arrival of our  sweet baby boy, Hudson - much better than the close of 2009. At the beginning of 2010 I didn't foresee myself being a mother of two boys by the end of 2010, but it was one of the BEST events of my life to date! I will fondly remember 2010 as a wonderful year of my life, and I can't wait to see how 2011 plays out.

So, keeping with tradition around this place, here's a look back at 2010 on From the Desk of Sara:

Friday Night Lights - E takes his first steps!

Nothing but dust

The Golden Goal - where were you?
A trip to Sand Road Maple Farm
Big Money

This is what makes me laugh these days...

May - June
First trimester of pregnancy prohibted all blogging activities!

Big News
Home Project #307
On being the 'baby' of the family...

Taking some R&R

5 down, a lifetime to go!

Emery: Age 2

Big Boy Bed Transition
A letter to my second child
For better or worse, meaning for better or Movember!

The Sequel's New Room
What will Ho Ho bring you?
The Sequel has finally arrived!
Happy Holidays

Thanks for sticking with me during 2010 and for all of your comments and support throughout the year. I look forward to sharing 2011 with you!

Best wishes as you ring in the New Year!
See you in 2011.