Friday, July 23, 2010

Big News!

So... I haven't visited the blog in over 3 months... CRAZY, I know, and totally not like me, but I've had a very good excuse ... I'm pregnant with number 2 or as I like to say: The Sequel. This baby has been draining the life outta me for the last few months, or perhaps just the blogging life out of me.

Either way... while I love to write and rant, I just couldn't bring myself to spare a moment for the blog... and sadly enough I haven't even been reading any blogs lately. All things bloggy have just dropped out of my life. But... no more! While I can't promise to blog on a regular basis, I can promise to TRY to keep my little space of the blogosphere a little more interesting than the last little while.

For starters, I had my 20 week ultrasound yesterday and we found out some pretty exciting news. My first pregnancy we decided to do it the old fashion way and wait until the baby's arrival to find out it was Baby Boy. This time around... we did the opposite and utilized the fabulous technology to get to know the newest addition to our family a little bit earlier.

There were two choices.... BOY or GIRL, Baby Brother or Baby Sister for E....
After a lengthy ultrasound... we got the good news, E is going to have a...
Two boys for this family... and we are pretty excited! It's so weird knowing... because in my head I am already picking out the coordinating outfits they will wear to special events, and I am sure PC is thinking they will be close enough in age to play on the same sports teams! I think the bond of brothers is a special thing... and I am so happy it will be part of our family!

I have just under 5 months to finalize all the details for the arrival of: The Sequel - and I really can't wait. From moving E into a new room and picking out new things for this baby boy - its going to be a busy couple of months - yet a lot of excitement as we build towards December 6th.

I promise to keep you updated on all things baby, but also few pregnancy hormones stories. I don't anticipate flying tacos this time around - or anything too crazy, but ya never know when pregnancy takes over and my filter quits working... I've come close a few times this week!

At any rate.... thanks for checking back with me - and I am so happy to be able to share my exciting news with you!

Baby BOYS! Yay!

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