Saturday, December 11, 2010

Heading for an induction!

So... I am almost 41 weeks pregnant.
That's code for 'shoot. me. now.'

For those of you who don't follow pregnancy math all that closely, that's an entire week past the regular 40 week pregnancy.  While this baby has dropped and I am dilated 1 whole cm (you need to get to 10 cms before the baby is ready to be pushed out), there is no real indication that he is planning on making an entrance anytime soon.

I am sleeping pretty well, feeling comfortable, and so is baby - apparently.

I saw the doctor on Friday and she took the initiative to schedule me for an induction, Wednesday, December 15th, in the event The Sequel decides to keep up the 'I'm just fine where I am' attitude.  It seems like a ways off, but I am excited to have a foreseeable end date (even if it happens to be on the one year anniversary that Grandma Coleman past away). 

My parents arrived on Thursday night and have been a welcome addition to the household and E's busy days. They came straight from the North Pole with enough Christmas presents to fill a Boeing 747 aircraft! E has been entertaining them with all of his tricks since the moment they arrived... as if he's earning every present under the tree! I can't wait to see his face when he gets to tear into all the presents - but first I have the JOY of labour to look forward to (and of course meeting my new baby boy)!

Keep you posted - either here or via Twitter!

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