Thursday, December 23, 2010

The gift of parents!

They say it isn't until you're older that you can truly appreciate your parents... and today I could not agree more.

My parents left this morning for home after being here for two wonderful weeks. The first week we sat around together and waited for H to arrive and the second week we shared together the sheer thrills of having newborn baby in the house.

My parents did not stop the entire time they were here (except for maybe the occasional beer on Timbo's part)! My Mom had a steady list of daily activities and chores and she hit every tick box on her list and then some. My Mom went above and beyond the call of duty, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, groceries, errand running, while my Dad was a great chauffeur, made Tim Horton's runs, shoveled the drive way, and entertained E with his games and rides in the truck to see "Ho-Ho" and all the Christmas lights.

I did not lift a finger the entire time they were here... PC and I were able to get some decent restful nights which made for pretty easy going days with a newborn.

They were all around fantastic, so naturally when they left today, I cried, like a child, because I realize how much they care about me, my kids, and my family.  Even though I'm all. grown. up. they still are spoiling me and making me feel like a little girl - their little girl.

Thanks doesn't seem adequate enough in this situation, but from the bottom of my heart Mom and Dad, you truly are the best, so thank you for being MY wonderful parents.

I love you.

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