Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Big Boy Bed Transition!

With the impending arrival of The Sequel in a little over (or under) a month, we have been working hard around here to set up a new Big Boy room for E. 

PC did the honours of painting our spare room.  I choose a fire engine red for the paint - it was actually called 'High Drama' by Behr.  I am hoping to high heaven that the name of the paint colour is not a premonition of what's to come in that room - the last thing I need is 'drama drama drama'! 

Over the last two weeks we have been slowly getting the furniture arranged and set up.  There are still a few elements in the room to organize, but for the most part its livable.  I am less concerned with perfecting the room and finalizing the decorating and more concerned with actually getting E comfortably sleeping in his big boy bed before the baby arrives.

I had an idea to start E napping in the big boy bed over the coming weekend, but the other night, when I said it was bedtime, he wandered into the new room and I offered to read his bedtime stories in there. Once we got through our five books, I asked him if he wanted to sleep there and to my surprise, he said 'YES!'.  So I followed his lead and got his blankets and comfort items from the crib and said goodnight as I usually do.

I must have checked on him at least 15 times through the night, but the point is, he slept a full night in the bed, without blinking an eye (or falling out of bed). And the last couple nights have been much of the same.  I don't know if I am speaking too soon (and I may eat my words eventually), but for now it is going really well in his new room and new biggie bed.

I can't be more excited about this... and hope that much of the same patterns continue! Once we get a little more organized I will post some pictures of the final product - but for now, you'll have to settle for some cute pics of E helping Daddy setup his new bed. He's quite the little helper!

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