Sunday, March 07, 2010

A trip to the Sand Road Sugar Camp!

Recently, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law purchased the Sand Road Sugar Camp... (soon to be renamed Sand Road Maple Farms), and this was the first weekend they were in full operation! PC has been there a few times helping tap trees, but this weekend was the first time I had seen the property this time of year.

We packed E up, and went down for a late breakfast. The place was jammed full of pancake hungry families... and the food did not disappoint. It was by far the best pancake breakfast I have had in a very long time! We will be back many times I am sure!

We took a walk in the sugar bush... and all I can say is that times have changed. No longer do they tap the trees and hang the metal pales on the spouts, and then go around and collect all the sap to make maple syrup. Now... they tap the trees and have a direct line that all of the trees connect to... and this allows the sap to flow directly into these huge holding tanks... which then they can use to make syrup and all other maple goodness (probably not the best description, but its what I observed in my short visit)! Its really something to see.

We spent a good chunk of the morning there, and a bit of the afternoon too. We had to call it a day two hours past normal nap time - and I think we can thank the maple taffy and all the people for keeping E running well past his prime!

If your in the area... or even a little outside the area, I would highly recommend a trip to the Sand Road Sugar Camp... you won't be disappointed with the food, the atmosphere, or the fun and friendly staff (wink wink)!!!

Uh-oh...all GONE!

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