Monday, December 27, 2010

I've survived my first week as a Mom of two boys!

Well we've been home from the hospital for just over a week now, and I am happy to report things have been going REALLY well.

I am actually surprised at the amount of sleep I'm getting... I am not sure if H is a better baby than E was, or if I am a more relaxed Mommy this time around, but either way, I have had an enjoyable first week home with my two boys.

H is sleepling 4 to 5 hours in the night... he figured out his days and nights pretty quickly, so getting up once with him in the night has been amazing! Its almost going too well... to the point that I keep telling myself, were gonna hit a glitch in the schedule at some point (but secretly praying I am dead wrong)!

E has also been pretty fantastic... he is VERY helpful when it comes to the baby, getting everything baby needs from blankets, soother, kisses to helping change dirty diapers and even hand-holding when H is a little upset.  I love to see him so interested and concerned with H's every little move.  So far so good when it comes to brotherly love in this household.

Having two kids in the house has definitely cut down on the personal time that PC and I have... we are often tag teaming duties... 'you take him, I've got him' - it leaves not a lot of time for causal conversation, but I know we will get that back as the weeks turn to months and H begins sleeping through the night (again - fingers crossed).

I was home alone on boxing day for the first time with both E and H, and to my surprise the day went fairly well. I was terrified before PC left, but again was pleasantly surprised - this has to do with E being in the 'helpful' phase, he was content to watch a show on TV while I fed the baby, and then he had a long afternoon nap which took up a good chunk of time on the 'can't wait til Daddy gets home' clock!

Staying home with both of them is one thing, taking both of them out in public by myself is a whole other level of terrifying that I am not ready to endure just yet. But I know that will come too. PC is off for another week and a bit, and I think by the end of that run, I should be in good shape - HOPEFULLY.

This week is going by so fast though... and its a busy one too, but looking forward to the end of it, ringing in 2011, and tackling January - my birthday MONTH - yay!!!

Yes... I survived week one as Mommy of two boys... now, bring on weeks 2, 3, and 4!

Here are a couple of pictures from the first 10 days of being home with H (excluding Christmas photos)! Enjoy.

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