Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Golden Goal... where were you?

I think this is the question people are going to be asking for years... where were you when Sidney Crosby's scored the golden goal for Team Canada in 2010 Winter Olympics?

While I would like to say I was somewhere lavish, I was actually just at home with PC and E, in front of the TV, and all three of us were living and dying on every shot, save, rebound, breakaway, penalty kill leading up to the conclusion of the game. It was thrilling ... almost heart stopping at times. I had just finished saying to PC, Crosby needs to come alive in OT, and whaddaya know... WHABAM... Scooooooooooooooooooooooooooores!!!

I know E is so young, but I have a feeling he will remember the Golden Goal in some form or another as he grows up.

As the game went into overtime, I decided to whip out the camera to help E along with his memory when he's a bit older! I think the Sidney Crosby goal will be one that is replayed many times over during his lifetime (and mine too!) - and without knowing it was going to happen, I wanted to snap a few pictures in the event that it did!

I absolutely love the high the conclusion of the gold medal game has left us (and all of Canada) on. It was truly amazing to see 'Sid the Kid' score the OT winner, not only claiming Olympic Gold for our country, but also putting Canada in the Olympic record books for the most gold medals won by any country at an Olympic games.


Here are a few pics from the historical Golden Goal moment in our household! It was an all around FUN moment!

Where were you when Sid scored the winner? Do you think you will remember that day, that moment for years to come?

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