Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Final boarding call: Mommy of one!

Well... tonight is my last night as a Mommy of one!  Tomorrow I will be the proud Mommy of not one, but TWO boys.

Mother of two... sounds about right to me!

So many things are running through my head, but the most important is that I am so EXCITED to meet our little bundle of boy! I have waited 10 months for this day, and tomorrow I start my second labour of love that will end with a brighted eyed little boy starring up at me.

There are also other crazy thoughts running through my head, like ... will this labour end in blood, sweat, and tears like the last one? Will an induction mean an easier time or more painful experience?  Will I ever get a good night's rest for the next 18 years? Will my upbeat mood of the last few weeks die a quick death, or will I ride the high of having a newborn in my arms well into 2011? Will my baby boy be a good sleeper and eater... or will this be the baby that tests my every nerve? Will I be easier going as Mommy to a newborn than I was the last time? How will E adjust to having a new brother?

Yes... so many things to consider yet so many moments to look forward too - moments I probably I can't even dream of right now.

On the eve of the journey that will most likely complete our family, I am beaming at what is to come - but also a little emotional.  My one on one time with E is quickly coming to a close - take for instance the video below of he and I chatting tonight - those moments melt my heart. My love for him will still be as strong as ever, but I also know that the time I have to give him will nonetheless be interrupted by his brother's need for equal attention, if not more, at the beginning.

How will I be able to balance out both of their needs, while keeping in mind my needs and the needs of the entire family.  Adding a second child to the mix will test my every ability as a mother and a wife, but its a challenge I am so grateful to accept and one that I take on willingly.

Ahhh... so much to think about and a lifetime to live it!

I am off to get some rest and I hope I can update you soon with news of the arrival of our new baby boy.

Stay tuned!

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