Friday, July 20, 2007

Ready for a patio party!

You may recall the mishap we had with our patio table last fall (if not click here). All winter PC and I have been discussing what we could do to replace the table top we lost, and while several options were brought up, including buying a whole a new patio set, we opted for a do-it yourself project to revive our once lovely wedding gift.

The thought of putting new glass on the top did not sit well with me. I fully suspect that another crazy wind/rain storm would blow through our backyard at anytime, leaving us with a second round of shattered glass, and once again, nothing but a lovely table frame.

After much thought, we decided we would create our own table top, complete with ceramic tiles. This was a sure way to avoid the glass issue, and the weight of the ceramic would also give the table some defence in a wind storm.

So... the first semi-nice weekend in May, PC and I headed down to the local Timbermart, and picked out some stellar tiles that were on clearance. A friend of PC's happily cut them with his special saw, and provide us with some heavy duty glue. PC laid the glue, and placed the tiles accordingly. We were off to a great start.

8 weeks later.... (after dropping numerous hints that I wanted the table finished a month ago), we went to Home Depot, and picked up the grout and necessary grouting supplies. After 8 weeks of waiting, it took all of an hour to do the grouting, and clean up, and it turned out fabulous (in my humble opinion). PC did a bang up job (while I, of course, wore the white hat, and gave encouragement through the entire process!).

After a long, yet easy process, the table cost of all of $36 dollars:
Plywood: $14
15 ceramic tiles: $7.00
Glue: FREE
Grout & supplies: $15.00
It's not the original glass by any means, but for a do-it yourself project, I think it really looks great.

Take a peek for yourself....
STEP ONE: Make sure the plywood fits the frame
STEP TWO: Lay the tiles, ensuring they are evenly spaced

STEP THREE: Let them dry for 8 weeks, then grout!

STEP FOUR: Place on the patio, and enjoy the view through a dirty bedroom window!