Wednesday, June 27, 2007

4 Week Update

Well... I am on my fourth week at the new job, and thought that it would be beneficial for me to write this post as marker - a marker for me to determine how long it has taken me to become comfortable in my new job.

My intention is that when I look back in 6 months or a year's time at this post, I will see how far I've come, how much I've learned since I've started here, and how comfortable I will have become with my files - and the people around me.

For the record let me state, that I am going on holidays in less than two days, and therefore some of my attitudes may be a bit tainted because all I can think about is getting my white legs to the cottage for 10 days (but this is besides the point).

It's my fourth week, and I am in between the feeling of being excited to be in a new environment, working on new files, and around some extremely great people, while at the same time, feeling very lost in the day to day process of my job.

I have been working on some very interesting files, but nonetheless, I have no idea what is REALLY going on. Everyone talks the talk to me, but nothing seems to make any sense. This Agency is very different from the one I came from, the size of it is much smaller and in most aspects this is fantastic, except for the fact that everyone seems to know everyone on a first name basis, and so when you are just learning and someone says.... email 'Bob, Mary, and John' and walks away, you have to wonder if the person really thinks you'll just figure out who Bob, Mary, and John are - or if they know there is only one of each them in the organization.

I mostly just nod and smile, and then work frantically to figure things out on my own time - I am googling everything, and lurking around people's shared folders on our computer system, just trying to get the low-down on the important priorities of this place, and surprisingly on many of my searches, I have come across the last names for Bob, Mary, and John. It's definitely still work in progress!

The acronyms are starting to come, and I have made contact with many of clients, so I have gotten through the stage of emailing where every new email starts with "Hi, I am your new comm. advisor... although not new to communications, I am new to the Agency... etc.". I have just started to arrange a few in-person meetings with my clients, and this will allow me to put faces to names, which makes the job seem much more human.

I am hoping that within time, the day-to-day business of the Agency will become second nature to me, but a part of me has to wonder. It's still all very exciting, but although I am not terrified anymore, I am still searching for a lot of answers, before I can actually feel settled. The good news is that many of my colleagues who have been here for a while all feel the same way I did at the beginning of their employment here, and some of them still don't feel comfortable in all areas of the job. Its nice to have a support group of colleagues to share frustrations with, but to also bounce ideas off of and to get direction from.

I am hoping in a few months (mainly after vacation) things will start to sink in better, and before long I will telling the new girl to email 'Bob, Mary, and John' - and walking away with the same 'she'll figure it out' expression on my face!

Note: Today, Miss Kristy Shaughnessy celebrates her champagne b-day. 27 on the 27th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARBIE. Wish we were together to celebrate in style - but here's hoping that you live it up in T. Bay this evening. Miss you tons!

As well... Tim McGraw & Faith Hill concert tonight at Scotiabank Place-- can't wait - you can full details tomorrow (provided I am not too tired to post anything!).