Friday, July 13, 2007

Going Green

I have officially bit the bullet and bought the reusable grocery bags. I have been thinking on this for a while now, and wanted to do it, but had my doubts that I would remember to bring them into the store with me every time I went to do my groceries. However, I've been using them for a little over a week now, and so far, I've been successful in remembering them on each trip to the store.

I think the reusable grocery bags are great idea, and the fact that my grocery store (Independent in DT Embrun) has made them available for only 99 cents per bag, you can't go wrong. Supposedly one reusable bag will replace 100 plastic bags per year- that is huge in my world.

What I have also noticed lately, is that a lot of other people in this little town of Embrun are using them too. I think the marketing on this one is working, people are getting the message.

I know for years now certain grocery stores have sold bins, where you pack your groceries in the bins instead of in bags or boxes, but in my opinion, the bins are bulky and take up a lot of space in your car or house, when you are not doing groceries. The reusable bags are so much better because they fold up and you can store them in the driver's side of the car door.

In addititon to the grocery bags, I also bought a three pack of bigger reusable bags from Costco. For $4.99 I got 2 large sized bags, and 1 large cooler bag. I keep them in the back of the Escape for Costco trips, but we also used them when we went to the cottage.... they held all of our stuff, including all of the heavy items... they are durable little buggers! I think they will come in handy at Christmas time too, when we have to cart around a bunch of gifts from house to house - they were a great investment, and one that is helping the environment immensely- so it's worth it in my books!

What's your take on the reusable grocery bag? Have you purchased any for yourself, or are you still into the convenience of the plastic bags?

I suspect that dog owners will want to keep getting their plastic bags, to pick up their dog poop - so that audience might be a hard sell, but is anyone else out there still using plastic or paper? Are you thinking of switching but just haven't taken the plunge yet? What would it take to make you switch?

Do tell... please!

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