Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Big 2-9!

Today, PC turns the big 2-9. Twenty-nine... wow, I find this really hard to believe... because when I first met him, he was only 24 (just a baby), but upon our first encounter, I thought for sure he was 30, if not older (I even speculated that he might be married with children, although this minor detail did not deter my efforts to reel him in... I digress!).

I wonder if PC knows how crucial the age of 29 really is... in my books, it's the age of the referral.

You know... it's the age that people over 35 refer to, when asked how old they are. From here on in, people at 40, 50, 60, etc. joke that they are only 29 when asked their age. You know... they say '29', with that smirk on their face, and then follow it up with the reaction like 'who me, don't I look 29?'

When I was young(er), I always thought that 30 was such a milestone age.... but the closer PC and I get to it, the less milestone-ish (if that's a word) I think it is (although, I don't like to let PC think that, since he's endanger of being the big 3-0 waaaaaaaaaaaaay before me)!

In January, I will be turning 28... TWENTY-freakin-EIGHT. When my Mom was this age, she already had 2 kids, and had been legally putting up with my Dad for nearly 6 years! Me on the other hand, I am just starting out in this big world... no where near motherhood, nor any major marriage milestones - and yet this doesn't really bother me.

I find it very interesting the change in life priorities over the years. The baby boomers were all set-up and off to the races at 29... having 2 to 5 kids per family, a mortgage, and working hard to get to Freedom 55. Now days... at 29, people aren't necessarily married, kids are sometimes in the mix, but not necessary because of marriage, and careers are at the forefront, mainly because most of us have spent our early 20's getting a decent education. It's all about getting a good paying job, before worrying about anything else, and manageable debt is what my generation lives and breathes. Today at age 29, the real world is just beginning for many people- whether or not this is a good thing will not be determined until our kids are 29, but for now, we have to roll with it, because it's our reality.

I've gotten a bit off the mark here... but all this to say, that today, PC is 29 ... and although he may not know it, he has reached the age of referral.... the age upon no return... he has this year to enjoy the truth of actually being 29, because after this, the majority of his age statements will probably be lies!!

Happy Birthday babe... I hope 29 is good to you!

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