Monday, September 25, 2006

Good morning... get to work.

So much for first anniversary bliss carrying over into the second year!

This morning PC and I awoke to the bloody mess featured below. PC had just poured himself a bowl of cereal when he yells upstairs to me: 'Sars -- look out the bedroom window'.

It appears that there was a GOD DAMN WIND storm while we were in Montréal this weekend, and the wind decided to have a little fun with our patio furniture... treating it like it was made out of rubber.

Our patio set, including our glass patio table, got blown off of the deck and SMASHED into a million -- actually make that a gizillion little pieces. The picture below was taken after we had already removed the chairs and table frame from the wreckage.

Its one of those things were just want to scream and cry all in one breath. But all you can do is clean up and bitch, and clean up some more.

PC and I spent 3 hours this morning, picking up glass, sweeping glass, racking glass, vacuuming glass out of the grass. The worst part is that we know we still didn't get it all... and to boot we don't have patio table any more - but we do have 6 rather lovely chairs, and a damn good table frame!

Grrrr... this one makes you mad... very very mad, but like many situations... there isn't much we can do! So... word to the wise, don't wear bare feet in our back yard for a few years... as we won't be held responislbe for any cuts or severed toes!

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