Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sunsets & Fish

We're back.... from a week of doing a whole lot of nothing, and yet I am feeling exhausted tonight!

It was a week filled with lots of relaxation.... we took in many sunsets on the water of the Georgian Bay... an ideal paradise in my world.

The weather was different every day, but the sun did shine for a good portion of the week, long enough for me to get a good burn on the ol' arms and legs. It rained a few mornings, but that gave me a reason to sleep in every day (not that I needed one!).

For the majority of the week it was just PC and I - it was a nice change to be together, and not have the interference of our daily schedules - no baseball, no golf, no dinner engagements, just us, spending some hard earned quality time together!

We PC did quite a bit of fishing.... his fishin' rod got quite the workout this week.... and when I wasn't reading my books and trashy magazines out in the boat, I reeled in a baby frish, just my size. PC didn't want to make me feel bad though, so he caught a baby one too!

All in all it was a restful, relaxing week of vacation... now it's back to grind for a few more weeks, until we take-off to New Hampshire & Boston - can't wait!

For your viewing pleasure....some pics of our fish, and the beautiful sunsets from Parry Island.

Note: While we were on vacation we missed some exciting events. Good friends of ours Sophie Savage & Julien Benoit, gave birth to a baby boy, Sydney, on July 5th. PC's cousin Sarah & Travis Ford gave birth to twins, Colton & Abaigail, on July 4th. As well, my sister had a b-day, so birthday wishes go out to her on the 6th, and Mrs. Lucy Rolland, celebrated a b-day on June 30th - so happy birthday to her! I think that brings upto date for now! Cheers to everyone!

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