Monday, July 09, 2007

Work in progress....

The basement project has been underway since the long weekend in May.... and if PC didn't have a day job, or a passion for golf, and I didn't have him doing other things around the house half the time.... we might be finished it by now, BUT .... he has put two solid long weekends into it, mostly working alone, and considering we had nothing down there before.... it's coming along nicely. The framing is almost complete, and now we are onto doorways, plumbing, and the electrical.

I thought I would share a few pics, of what has happened since May.... we are getting there, slowly but surely. At least with some of the walls in place, you can picture what it will look like: a laundry/storage room, a bathroom, an office, and a family room. It's all there, if you look really hard - you can visualize the end result - or at least I can, and since I'm the one breathing down PC's neck all the time, this is a good thing!

More updates to come as progress continues...

Note: Shout out to faithful reader Miss Erin Boyd... who celebrates the big 2-7 today!