Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Taking vacation

Why is taking vacation so hectic all the time?

I mean really, a vacation, is suppose to be relaxin', worry-free, and easy; however, in my life, going on vacation means nothing but pure stress until the moment you get to your destination.

Going to the family cottage is always a good time... once you get there, but getting ready to get there creates nothing but pure chaos in our household.

There is a million and one things to do before leaving for the cottage including: laundry, yard-work, paying the bills, packing, etc.

It all has to be done before I can feel confident that I will actually relax on my vacation, and it stresses me out beyond belief.

This Thursday evening we are heading to the cottage, but my schedule is jammed up with engagements right up until Thursday at 5, which leaves, literally, no time for any of the above mentioned activities. Of course, I don't do the yard work, that's PC's department, and much to our delight, we have a neighbour who kindly looks after our place while we are away, so if PC doesn't get around to cutting the grass, it will probably get done anyways, while we are away.

However, I don't seem to have a person who does my jobs while I am away, such as pay the bills, balance the cheque book, do the laundry, and dust the place, etc. - THIS IS A PROBLEM!

All of this discontent leads me to believe I should have some staff of my own - perhaps just one Executive Assistant who will look after all the details in life for me. Perhaps she could even prepare meals, a small entertainment agenda for us, and if she's feeling good.... come up with some suggestions for decorating our home, organizing my closet, and what not. Of course, I don't exactly have the funds to pay this person, but I am putting an official call out to anyone who has a good heart, who likes to be taken advantage of, and who thoroughly enjoys working for free with little to no rewards. Yes.... if this is you, please make yourself known in the comment section, and I will gladly get in touch with you (even while I'm on vacation!).

Any takers?

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