Friday, January 16, 2009

The wonderful world of blogging!

In the last few weeks or so, I, Sara Coleman, have become addicted to blog surfing. I am not sure if its a new Mom thing... or if its just me in general, but lately I have spent a lot of time surfing blogs and coming across some new ones I really enjoy.

You may have noticed my 'Blogs I like to PEEK at' list (to the right) has expanded quite a bit in the past few days... and that's because I have been lurking around other blogs and thoroughly enjoying it!

I am almost in awe of how many people blog - all types of people - some like me, some very different from me... some bad bloggers, and then of course some very good bloggers - much better bloggers than me (I know... your shocked, but believe it or not there are many a couple good writers out there who are better than I, and I'm not scared to own up to it!).

Since our purchase of the MacBook... I seem to spend a lot of my feeding time with E, just reading and clicking and reading more and more blogs.

Seriously... if you read my blog, then go to my list of blogs I read, and click one, any one blog... you'll find yourself at someone else place for five or 10 minutes, and then if you click just one, any one blog for their list of blogs they read, you arrive at another place... and then if you REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT... before you know it your baby is fed and fast asleep and your still checking out new blog after new blog after new blog! It's addicting and time consuming, yet wonderful and eventful all in the same breathe.

Sometimes if E is showing off and feeding without the assistance of both my hands, I can sometimes muster up enough patience to type out a one-handed comment on other blogs. I find myself commenting more and more these days as it feels like some form of adult contact when I can chip in on someone else's conversation rather than the one I have with E everyday where I ask him a question and answer for him and then ask myself a quesiton on his behalf and answer for me! Its A LOT of me talking to me all. day. long. so its nice to feel like I've participated in another coversation even if it doesn't require me to open my mouth (if PC is reading this - I am sure he's wondering how he get in on that... me giving my two cents without some much as a whisper)!

If your stopping by here today or in the past few days, because I have left a comment on your blog and you are wondering who the bleeeep is SC.. while it's just little old young and vibrant - under 30 - me.... Ottawa civil servant on mat leave, new mommy, wife, with a bit of mixed bag for a mouth piece! You never know what your getting over here... lately its been mostly Mommy stuff all. the. time. but I do hope to get back to my famous rants on underwear lines and Tim Horton's drive thru, money, customer service and all that fun stuff very soon.

But for now, I am just in sheer amazement of just how many GREAT blogs there are out there... how other peoples lives can seem so exciting compared to my own - especially on days when its -40 out in the middle of winter, and E and I are confined to the walls of our home!

I just want to extend my heartfelt thanks to the men and woman of the blogging world who take the time to update their blogs on an almost daily basis - for this cat on mat leave, who regularly surfs the net these days - I am LOVING you.

Keep up the good work and thanks for stopping by!

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