Tuesday, April 11, 2006

If you are not ordering coffee, get out of the drive thru!

As a loyal customer to Tim Horton's I am naturally frustrated when I have to WAIT for my coffee. The frustration sets in when I stand in line for a bloody large coffee half hot chocolate, while the 3 people in front of me are ordering bagels and sandwiches for the troops over in Afghanistan!

The Tim Horton's in Embrun seems to be a popular spot no matter what time of day or night you choose to go there. Usually I visit the drive thru at Tim's in Embrun when I am on my way into Ottawa, or when I am in my pj's and too embarassed to be seen by anyone else other than my husband. The last two trips I made to that drive thru took me 25 minutes to get through the line up.

I believe the drive thru was invented for the sole purpose of convenience - however, this does not appear to be the case in Embrun. Usually every 4th car decides to order a time consuming menu item such as a bagel. While each customer is entitled to their order....these people should be banned from the drive thru. These customers are what slow down the line...they tie up the pick up window for an extra 5 minutes and force everyone else to wait on their food. Once that car gets through the line, then it's rapid fire getting the rest of the line their coffee, but for that 5 minutes every one sits idle in their cars - it's times like these that I could literally scream (and trust me I have).

I believe the executives of Timmy's need to entertain the idea of having two types of lines at their coffee establishments. One line will be for dedicated customers, like me, who are only ordering coffee (and perhaps the odd apple fritter donut), and then the other line will be for the people who insist on ordering the time consuming menu items, such as double toasted bagels (seriously people is that necessary) sandwiches, and chili. This is not by any means rocket science...grocery stores and banks having been doing it for years.

In my opinion, Tim Horton's needs an Express line, both inside their stores, and a seperate line for the drive thru....just think how much time they would save their coffee-only customers if they created an Express line. After all, it's the coffee addicts who are keeping them in business...they should recognize this and reward us.

Seriously Tim's..... get with the program.

On a side note...if by chance anyone from Tim Horton's is reading this, it would also be extremely useful to coffee addicts if they had a swipe card for the Express line. The majority of stores have these cards where you can add money to the card, and therefore don't need to have the change on you! An excellent idea that I think would work well for Tim's - AND - if you're interested in hiring me to your organization...I can be reached at 555-...just kidding!