Saturday, January 10, 2009

Curling in HD!

Today I have been taking in the Casino Rama Skins Game on TSN... and I think its the first curling event I have ever seen in HD. I have to admit... it's AWESOME!

A few years ago when we got our HD TV, PC would often have this conversation with his male buddies.

Buddy: Did you see the football game yesterday?
PC: Ya, it was good.

Buddy: Ya, it was a great game... did you see when X made the play on Y, it was freakin awesome.
PC: It was awesome ... but you shoulda seen it in HIGH DEFINITION.

It was the running joke around our place ... I would often mock PC by saying 'but you shoulda seen it High Definition', after just about everything he talked about. It got old fast... and to be honest, I never really got what he meant by that line, as it all looked the same to me (probably because I don't like football, and don't pay attention to it either). But today when I turned the TV to TSN ... and skins game was in HD... well - I GOT IT.

HD and curling are a great match... all the games should be broadcast in HD. For me, it made me feel like you are practically on the ice. I have never before seen the actual pebble on the ice so clearly than on these broadcasts. I loved the crowd too... I saw a few people I knew in about the 10th row up... and I know I would have never recognized them without the HD.

From viewing the games in HD... I learned the following:
  • Randy Ferbey has the face for radio (honestly... I knew he wasn't the greatest catch in the curling world, but queue the HD and all I can say is WOW)!
  • HD is Johhny Mo's friend - he cleans up nicely!
  • Dave Nedohin really fills out that uniform... he's obviously been to the gym in recent years.
  • just how little hair Glenn Howard actually has on his head!
  • what beautiful complexions JJ and her teammates have...
  • Craig Savill put some effort into his faux hawk hairdo...
  • Jill Officer was in need of some lip chap!
What I didn't need HD to tell me is that Tow Truck in a Box is available at Zellars - I figured that out after the first 20 commercials!!! I also didn't need HD to realize just how much I did not miss Linda and Ray in the non-curling season. I don't know what it is... but as the years roll on, they never seem to come to a broadcast with any new material. As you may recall, I am a bigger fan of CBC's Joan & Mike... Mike Harris says it like it is... and I love that. Ray and Linda are so monotone... and tonight if I hear them say 'its all about reading the ice' one more time .... honestly (even little E was rolling his eyes at them!)

However... for a new Mom being confined to the house on a Saturday, I was lovin TSN Curling (minus Linda & Ray) in HD!