Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I love a good SWAP!

My birthday always signifies one thing to everyone: ONE MONTH UNTIL VALENTINE'S DAY!

I don't love V-DAY, its a pretty useless Hallmark holiday, but I do love that it initiates some sort of gift giving so soon after my b-day!

Over at Life of a Southern Belle, I stumbled upon a SWAP she is hosting for Valentine's Day.

She didn't specifically limited it to bloggers only, so I imagine anyone can play... so if you're interested - blogger or not - head on over there, and sign yourself up (by Friday)! Basically she will match you up with another participant... and you put together a little V-Day package for your partner... and mail it off to him/her for FUN!

I love putting these little packages together, mailing them off and waiting to see what the other person thinks of them. It's also a great way to connect with new bloggers... AND probably the number one reason I do it is to GET SNAIL MAIL. I love getting actual mail in my mail box ... I know that I will check the mail every day after January 27th (mailing deadline), with anticipation as I wait for my package to arrive.

So excited...!

If like getting mail and don't mind doing a little shopping to the tune of $25... get your name on the participant's list PRONTO!