Thursday, August 21, 2008

My horoscope today!

My mother... bless her heart, gave me a daily horoscope book in my stocking last year at Christmas.

I have it at my desk, and although I don't read it faithfully on a daily basis, I do pick it up from time to time.

My boss.... shares the same zodiac sign as me, and her and I were meeting in my office to talk over a file yesterday, she picked up the book to read a few days.... she was quick to point out today's horoscope, as she laughed and said I should be especially worried about it!

Thursday, August 21st

As one phase of your life begins to come to an end, new possibilities are all around you. Working out exactly what you are going to do next will form part of the excitement that comes in late August for you.


Nooooooooooo...... this can't be. I need to get my act together pronto...!! PC and I were planning on going to the cottage in LATE August with friends... for one last couple weekend, sans kids. I figure we would have 4 looooooong weeks afterwards to get everything together, and put the PREPARED stamp on things at home... well in time for the baby's arrival.

Perhaps the long weekend at the cottage is out of the question now, unless I want to have this baby in Parry Sound, which I don't (although I hear they have a fabulous new hospital up there)... I can just hear our son or daughter now... 20 years down the road saying:

Future Baby Coleman: Dad, why did you name me Parry?
PC: 'Cause it was a nice name.
Me: No... because your Dad was hammered when we got to the hospital (and I was sedated from the shock of premature labour), so him and his buddies said, let's name it Parry... were in Parry Sound... and then they all high-fived each other before crushing some beer cans off their foreheads.

Face it, I'm dooomed if this horoscope is correct!