Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Don't leave home without a back-up pair of shoes!

This weekend, we went out for dinner with friends to celebrate a birthday. It was a casual night, I just wore jeans and semi-fancy maternity top with my brown sandals. I love my brown sandals, they give me a bit of height, but have a wedge heel so the comfort for walking is still there, while providing a bit of support to.

I haven't wore them much this summer, it just seems that my maternity wardrobe doesn't require a brown sandal too often.

Lately, my feet have become increasingly sore.... and while they hurt to stand on for long periods of time, they have never showed any signs of swelling, which I thought was a real bonus - until Saturday night.

During dinner... I was feeling hot, the restaurant was warm, and it was in low lighting, and my feet felt a little cramped, so I nonchalantly removed my sandals under the table, not thinking much of it.

The drinks and appetizers came, then the main courses (which I took my sweet time eating)... and finally we decided on some desserts... in total it was a good two and half hours we were at the restaurant. Just as dessert was over and we were thinking of packing up, I decided to slip my sandals back on.

One first try, they wouldn't go on, and I immediately thought to myself: 'I have them on the wrong feet'. So I grabbed one from under the table to check, but it was in fact the right sandal for my right foot. I put it back under the table and tried again, but no go. I could only get my toes jammed into the top part of the sandal, I still had a good 6 inches to go before I could even consider standing up on the damn things to walk.

In my head, I am freaking out.... and I mean FREAKING. This has never happened to me before... my feet haven't shown any signs of swelling before tonight, and the worst part is I only brought this pair shoes for the entire night and we still had a trip to the casino on the agenda before the night could even be considered over!

As the waitress comes to clean up the table from dessert, she asks if we need anything else... or if we are ready for the bills. I confess that I can't get my shoes on, so we are going to have hang out a while longer. Thank gawd the group concurs, and orders another bottle of wine. They slowly sip away at it while I spend the next 30 minutes forcing my fat feet back into my adored brown sandals.

I hate pregnant feet, and I really hate the fact that I didn't have a shitty old pair of flip flops in the back of the car, ready for an emergency situation like this.

I finally did manage to get my feet about 4 inches in the sandals, enough to at least walk out of the restaurant with my dignity in tact, and when we reached the car, I cranked the AC on the floor and slowly my feet returned to their pre-dinner state, but trust me from now on I don't go anywhere from home without my trusty, wide/large/roomy flip flops in the back for the car.

Did any of you post-pregnant ladies ever experience the fat feet prego syndrome.... ? How did you cope?

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