Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Too much information!

I want to apologize for this blog going all baby, all the time, but that is bascially what is on my mind 24-7 these days, so I can't help but share these thoughts.

I have been doing quite a bit of reading lately. I actually stopped reading baby stuff around week 20 because one of my books suggested that I just take a break before I freak myself out.... so I did that. But now I think I am more freaked out that my stupid baby countdown ticker over there ---> is just burning through the weeks like they are free fuel!

I haven't read a lot since week 20, now I am at week 31 with only 9 weeks to go - and starting to go into a state of shock that I haven't prepared (reading wise) as much as I could have! I have been going through the baby books quite rapidly now, trying to absorb as much info as possible - but some these books are little scary.

Like the ones that say:

'If you had a tear or episitomony during the birth, you will have stitches that can be uncomfortable while they heal. Even without the stitches the area around your vagina may feel bruised and swollen'


'Don't be surprised if you sweat profusely for a few days, especially at night. Blood volume increases during pregnancy, so now your body needs to rid itself of excess water to get things back to normal'


'The first bowel movements after giving birth may not come easily'.

No wonder I can't sleep... did someone say 'too much information?'! All this reading keeps my mind pacing throughout the night, thinking of the sweating, the stitches, the constipation... and yet during all this you are somehow suppose to be overjoyed to be a new Mom, with a new baby - right!!!

All the books you read leading into a pregnancy are all happy-go-lucky, 'children are a wonderful adventure', 'parenting is so rewarding' - yada yada yada - now that I am getting into the home stretch... they start publishing the 'pregnancy isn't a cakewalk' and 'I hope you don't think this will be easy' type books.

I am in a lovely state of mind these days... if can't already tell! I am glad some of these books try to prepare you for what is to come, but at the same time are we really that unprepared, if nobody ever mentioned anything about the nasty stuff?