Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ridin' in Style!

Thanks to my Mom and Dad, Baby C will be riding in style! My parents bought us our travel system, stroller & car seat combo.... it was delivered last week via Puralator and PC assembled it on Monday night, and so we have been practicing rolling it around the house, sans Baby C!

I have to say, its pretty slick... its big and roomy, and the car seat fits right into the top of it, and it rooooooooolls rather nicely!

I was commenting to PC last night that if the baby came tomorrow at least we would have something to bring him/her home in... of course we wouldn't have a room for him/her to sleep in, but we could just stay up all night strolling around the neighbourhood in our new travel system!

Thanks Mom & Dad, greatly appreciated... we know Baby C will be very happy in the new ride!