Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Boston Part II

Okay.... where did I leave off... yes, right, the game at Fenway had finished up, and although that should have been enough excitement for the day, we decided to venture on, and take on Copley Square, the Prudential Centre, and Faneuil Hall.

It was a beautiful hot day in Boston, and I am so glad PC wanted to truck on, because we were able to cover a lot of ground in the time frame we had.

Fenway Park is centrally located (in my opinion) to many touristy things. Copley Square (which I pronounce Cope-lee, but the Americans say 'oh you mean Cop-lay Square') was very nice. If I was living in Boston, it would be a place I would come to hang out, just a nice space within the busy downtown core.

We went into the mall at Copley, which was very high end, and since it didn't scream DEALS, PC 'nor I could be bothered to waste valuable time looking at expensive items we had no intention of buying. However, while in there, we did come across an entrance into the Prudential Centre and I immediately wanted to do the Skyline tour I had heard about - and it didn't disappoint. We travelled to the 50th floor, paid a small admission fee, and saw everything there was to see. Given that it was such a bright clear day, we could see the entire city, and miles beyond. Boston, as I've probably said five hundred times already, really is a beautiful place.

Today's pictures are mainly from our experience there... in person everything was breathtaking.

After leaving the Prudential Centre, we hopped on the T (the subway), and headed down to Faneuil Hall for some supper. When we arrived at the T stop for Faneuil, we exited out at Boston's City Hall/Government Centre, which happened to be hosting Boston's annual free gospel concert. Were talking 5,000 black christens singing their little hearts out - Hallelujah, praise the Lord style! It was quite the scene, but they were very helpful and pointed us in the right direction of Faneuil Hall.

This place is famous, because it's one long, large hall with every kind of food you can imagine - all you have to do is make a small decision on what to have, and your all set. The only problem is, IT'S SO HARD TO DECIDE. I suck at making quick decisions, so I could linger on my choices for hours - but given that we got there a bit later in the evening, things were shutting down, so that made our choices a little easier. PC was all about trying the some Boston chowder, or as they say in Boston - Chowda! He had his heart set on it, so he got that, and I had some chicken and ribs. We decided it was worth a second trip, so we vowed to return the next day, and we did, just in time for lunch, where I had sushi, and PC had a lobster roll, and more Chowda.

We walked around a bit more in that area, known as Quincy Market. It was much like the Byward Market in Ottawa, buskers doing their shows, and small vendors selling cute little things. As the sunlight faded, when got back on the T, and made our way to our hotel room, to cap off an very adventurous day.

Here are some pics for this part of our trip... stayed tuned for Boston Part III, tomorrow!

Copley Square from above.

Charles River that runs through Boston.

Fort Point Channel and beyond.

Boston Financial District & The Boston Common (greenspace) Fenway for a distance.
I loved the housing in Boston... it was so neat looking; however, we did not see any single independent dwelling homes ANYWHERE in Boston... everything was attached townhouse style. PC loved the pool on the roof of these 4 story houses...
Inside Faneuil Hall... This is the sign I wanted to buy for our house...

And here is the one PC wanted to get....

Me... checkin out the map to get back to our hotel for the night!

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