Monday, July 23, 2007


Just a quick note from Boston, to say we arrived here yesterday, at 10 am (after some minor direction issues) and had a fabulous day. We were able to check into our room early, and headed straight to Fenway park - what a day, people everywhere, many Red Sox fanatics! It was 79 degrees at the start of game time (2:05) - a great day for a ball game. Our seats were great, our section mates were even better, and we loved every minute of it. Fenway park is very historic and people from Boston are some of the most dedicated fans here (Sparty would have loved it)!

We purchased some souvenirs, and I had to tell PC several times that he couldn't buy any "YANKEES SUCK" gear (he was very disappointed, thought Timbo would want a shirt for himself!).

The city of Boston itself is something to see, the streets and houses are unbelievable, they are all touching, yet the front of them are completely different. The roads are very narrow, with parking on both sides, which means the Tony Soprano mobile would have a hard time parking, let alone going up some of these streets!!!

We are off for more sight-seeing today... we took tons of pictures yesterday, and when we get home I will post all some of them.

Hope all is well at home.... back in Kan-ada (Bostonians accent is hilarious!)!!

Sara & PC