Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A trip to Fenway Park

We're back.... back home, back to work, back to making lunches, doing laundry, and pretending that we are not totally disappointed to be back to the grind, and done our vacationing for a while.

We had an amazing trip - a lot of fun! It was fun just taking in new sights, and doing some things that we don't normally get to do in our 9-5, Monday to Friday, daily lives.

We took a ton of pictures, but for the purpose of blogging I thought I would break up the trip into a few posts.

For your viewing pleasure today, we have our experience on game day, at Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox.

As previously mentioned in a short post from Boston, we arrived in the grand city, mid-morning on Sunday, July 22nd. I would like to say the arrival into Boston was smoothly navigated by my directions to the driver; however, we went left (as per the directions), when I think we should have stayed right coming off the Interstate. Much to my pleasure (and PC's rage) we landed ourselves in a nice section of downtown Boston, in the middle of narrow one way streets, tall row housing, and parked cars on both side of the streets. I was happily taking it all in, while PC was yelling 'which way do I turn, where the f%$& are we SARS, eyes on the map not on the road' (that would be the map of Boston that I took the liberty of picking up before we left Ottawa from CAA, but apparently thanks for that wasn't warranted at the time).

It was a pleasurable experience, and needless to say, I thought I recovered quite nicely on the directions, and got us to our hotel in decent time. The whole part about getting lost, was that we got see a nice part of Boston, a section of the city that I don't think we would have ventured to otherwise - but PC didn't exactly see it that way at the time! (***The entire arrival experience reminded me so much of my Mom & Dad - how Timbo would get all riled up over getting lost in a big city, and Connie would say 'now just a minute Tim, I trying to see where were are' - in that tone of hers. And Timbo would shake his head in disgust, as if my Mom purposely got them lost in the first place! I laugh in hysterics when I think about the similarities between the two experiences!)

After checking into our hotel, we set out to get some breakfast (I'll talk more about that in another post, on day 2 of Boston), and then we walked about 15 minutes up the street to Fenway Park. It was about 11:30 when were arrived at the entrance, and there were people everywhere. It was nuts, so much excitement to take in. There was a huge souvenir store as we first arrived, and we headed into there, to pick up a t-shirt for me, and a (another) RS hat for PC, and a shirt too.

Immediately PC and I picked up on the Boston accent, and I knew for next month or so, PC would be reciting lines from our trip with that accent (and he his: POP-corn, crack-ah jacks, hot dawgs).

From the time we arrived at Fenway, everything seemed to happen so quickly... we were there at 11:30, and game was at 2:05 - but it felt like we had our souvenirs, got a couple of beer, and where inside the venue in no time.

Once inside the park, we took the first ramp up towards the field to see where we were, which happened to be right behind centre plate. It was a bit surreal to see the Green Monster live - PC and I both had that sense of awwwh as we took it all in. Batting practice was going on for the visiting time (Chicago White Sox), and so we watched a bit of that, before making our way to our seats - section 43, row 16, seats 1 & 2, right behind the bullpen for both teams. We got to see the starting pitchers warm up, and as the game went on the relievers throw a few pitches in there as well. We had great seats - I actually don't think there would be that many bad seats in the place (a few, but not many). We got to see some fielding action, and the highlight of the game was definitely the 3-run homer that Manny Ramirez hit to the section beside us.

We drank a lot of beer ... to the tune of $100 (PC drinking back $75 or so of that!) - but it was well-worth it. It was so hot, and the beer were so refreshing. It was all part of the experience. Everyone at the game... well 99.1% of the people at Fenway where die hard Red Sox fans, and 98.7% of them were in some sort of Red Sox gear - it was crazy, but nice to see the Bostonians put their support behind the home team.

Boston won the game 8-5, although Chicago made it interesting in the top of 9, with the bases loaded and no outs; however, the RS came through, and the crowd went wild, when the final out was made to end the game: which is when the singing, dancing, and partying ensued!

We took our time leaving the park, took some more photos (one of an interesting fan PC noticed during the game - her top has a Red Sox logo on it, but you wouldn't know it!).

We got a pic taken in front of the Green Monster by a friendly Boston Police Officer, who immediately picked up that we were Canadian 'EH?' - as PC said to him 'Great day for a ball game EH?' - he absolutely loved that!

But it sure was a great day to be at Fenway... we loved every minute, and we would definitely go back again... and again, and again!!

We did some more touring after we left Fenway, but I will save that for tomorrow's post. For now... take in the photos of our Fenway experience (I know some of you have been waiting a few days for these - Miss Boyd!). The last photo was taken at the end of day two in Boston, as we returned to Fenway to take a few pictures, without the crowds.

More photos and Boston adventures to come tomorrow... stay tuned!

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