Monday, March 18, 2013

Busy living life!

I can hardly believe its mid-march.  The days seem to meld together and before I know it another week has passed and I have yet to even think about making a blog entry.

I'd like to say that this upsets me, but in reality, when I don't get to blogging, it means life is busy, and busy is good.

The past couple of months we've just been enjoying our hectic schedules of raising two boys. Nothing too overly exciting but we've gotten out and about with the kids, and now that spring like weather is almost here, I imagine we'll be spending out free time outdoors as much as possible.

This winter, we did a little sleigh riding, and although we skipped our annual canal outing, we did hit Snowflake Kingdom during Winterlude which did not disappoint any of us. The canal is closed for another year, and although it would have been nice to get out for a family skate, I know there will be many other years to enjoy this feature of the nation's capital!

 Last weekend, E wrapped up another season of CanSkate. He is moving and shaking so well on both skates now. I have a feeling he'll be a great asset to any hockey team next season! H is about the only member of this family that wants to keep on shoveling. He is obsessed with his shovel and throws a royal fit if you rush him the house at the end of the day without a few minutes to 'chovel'! As much as I don't want to spend another second out in the cold at the days end, it is a pretty cute phase that I know won't last long.
Being the curling fan that I am, this time of year I am almost always half-glued to the tv. The Scotties was in Kingston this year and we managed to get there in person on closing weekend, just in time to see Team Homan from Ontario, in top play-off form.  The Brier followed a week later, and the excitement was high in this household when the boys from the Soo, Northern Ontario, Team Jacobs took home the Brier Tankard! Now, it's going to be an exciting few weeks of World Curling viewing!
I can't promise that blogging posts will be any more consistent, but I do hope that you are enjoying life as much as I am these days!

Bring on Easter! I could use some chocolate!

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