Monday, January 14, 2013

Time to make a wish...

Today, I celebrate another year in my 30s!

I have to say the number doesn't so much bother me as the new growth of grey hair I seem to be discovering more and more as I investigate in the mirror, but besides that I don't have a complaint in the world today.

I spent the weekend with the three loves of my life... and enjoyed every minute of it as we celebrated my big day. Since my birthday falls on a Monday this year, PC moved the celebration to preceding Saturday and planned out a little family fun day! It was perfect for me!

He made breakfast for all of us and then we hit E's skating lesson before heading off to the Children's Museum in Ottawa! What a great place! I have always wanted to go with the boys, but PC usually rolls his eyes at me when I suggest 'a museum' as an activity.  However, this year, he really had me pegged and planned out a little adventure to the Canadian Museum of Civilization, which houses Ottawa's Children's museum. The whole outing definitely did not disappoint! We spent a couple hours exploring all the fun areas - the boys absolutely loved interacting with each stop on their passport. We capped off our visit by taking in a 3D IMAX movie! I wasn't sure how H would handle a movie, but he did awesome! We ended the night off with Mom C's famous homemade donairs, a few little birthday surprises including a new MK bag, and my ultimate fave cupcakes from The Flour Shoppe.

I don't think I could have scripted a better day to celebrate if I tried.  Thank you to my one and only for such a fun day with the boys - he definitely made me smile and feel very loved and spoiled.

If my birthday celebration was any indication of how this year may unfold for me, I am looking forward to it!

Here is a little photo recap of the day's events.

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes via of Twitter, Facebook, What's App, email, and texting! I even had a few ol' fashioned phone calls too from some old friends! All around fun.

Thanks again!
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