Sunday, December 23, 2012

Emery's First Christmas Concert!

Last week we attended E's Kindergarten Christmas Concert. It was a collection of the four JK classes at his school and each class did a presentation of three numbers. It was THE CUTEST.

 The teachers did a great job in coming up with fun ideas and then practicing with the classes so that they could perform in front of a large audience.  I was quite impressed!

The morning of the concert as we were getting ready to go out the door, I said to E 'have fun at your concert today', and he replied a little puzzled and said 'you and Daddy are gonna be there aren't you?' and I told that we would be, and then he said 'well don't panic if you don't see me, cause we have to come in, in the dark and then there gonna put the spot light on us (insert sound affect here.... pssssssh) and then you gonna see me'!

I was laughing! The spot light definitely did come on and E went all Hollywood on us with his hand in front of his face as if to say 'no pictures please'.  Eventually he adjusted to the lights and when we wasn't focused on something going on around him, he screamed sang and danced along with the class.

You will notice he is wearing his 'BLAZER' as he likes to call it. I had picked out another outfit for him to wear, but he insisted on wearing his 'BLAZER' and had to have it buttoned right up. After twenty minutes of trying to convince him that he should save that for his Christmas Eve outfit (as originally planned) I caved and let him wear it when I could see how important it was to him.

All in all, it was a very cute day, BLAZER and all. It these little moments that make me see how quickly my big boy is growing. Great job at the concert E, we love you!

If you are really interested in seeing the whole cuteness factor, you can watch the video.

If the video doesn't load you can go here to view directly on You Tube.
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