Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy LOVE Day!!

It's Valentine's Day around the world, so I am hoping this little post plus some pics will make up for the fact that I haven't blogged in exactly a month. I don't have any good excuses except to say that we've been busy living life - working, playing, and just trying ensure we are functioning family each and every day.

I do have to say, that this Valentine's Day is so sweet with my big boy in kindergarten! He is aware of this special day much more than any other year and was quite into it the other night announcing after supper 'I have to make some special hearts for my friends and you too Mommy'.  Then came his demands 'I'm gonna need paper, markers, scissors, glue - can you get me that stuff?'

Yes sir!

He did cut out a bunch of hearts and filled the names for his friends on his special superhero cards. I did a little sucker photo project inspired by Pinterest - love that site, it doesn't require me to really think, you just open up the site and it basic screams 'this is what you'll do'!

Done and done.

Anyways... I had fun this morning making a heart shape breakfast for my boys, and then sending a heart shaped lunch with E to school. I am sure his 'friendship' party will be equally as exciting.  My baby boy is still a bit young for understanding this occasion, but he was all about the special heart treats on the table this morning. If there is a treat to be had, this boy can definitely find it!

PC and I have a date night planned this weekend... we are off the Eric Church concert, so really looking forward to a night out and perhaps 'a drink in my hand'!

Here's a little peek of our V-Day festivities. Whether VDay is a big deal to you or just another day, I hope each of you take the time to tell someone in your life how important they are to you. Life is too short... don't pass up this opportunity. 

Happy LOVE Day! 
Have a good one.

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