Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hudson: Age 2

Sweet lovable Huddy Buddy! Today you are two years old. You are changing by the minute, and your baby days are evaporating before our eyes.

I look back on the last 24 months and wonder where the time has gone. Two years ago we welcomed you into our family as the best Christmas gift we have ever received and today we are gathering family and friends to help you blow out your candles, again, just nine days before Christmas. 

I am amazed at the little man you have become. You started walking in April and by May you were running EVERYWHERE.  You've almost mastered the stairs going up them and now going down them step by step, and often times standing up (with a drink in one hand and a ball in the other). One of your favourite activities is to throw a ball from the bottom of the stairs up to the top and then laugh hysterically as it trickles back down to the bottom.  You could literally do that for hours!

You are a quick boy... if you are thinking about something, you are doing it almost immediately - like getting a knife out of the top drawer to cut open your frozen yogurt treat.  We never had to baby proof the house too much with your brother, but you've ensured that we didn't miss that step with you!

You are now 33 inches tall, and a solid 29 lbs. You have a big appetite. You are not so keen on veggies, but are definitely a meat and potatoes kind of guy. You often eat up your meal quite quickly and then eye your brother's plate beside you as if to say 'are you done yet?'

You are a demanding little man... when you want something, you want it - NOW! If we decide to tell you NO, you take it very hard, but then have this way about you to plead your case on why you have to have something your way.

You are stubborn, yet caring. When you've done something wrong or not nice, we encourage you to say sorry, and you give us the eyes and that lip, but eventually you do make your way over to offer a hug to the person or thing you've done wrong to. Its one of the cutest things to witness (on a daily basis)!

You've started talking a lot more in the recent months.  You definitely have a lot of your own non-audible conversations in a day, but more and more the words are coming together. Our favourite expression of conversation is when we try to put you bed, and you immediately demand 'up, book, rock' in that order! You know what you want, and if your words aren't understood, you resort to a very firm finger point (often pointing towards 20 things, but we eventually narrow it down to 1 and tell you the word for that).

You love to say 'uh-oh' and are getting really good with with 'peas' and 'tank-you'. When we tell you you can't do something for a specific reason you say 'oh' with such cuteness, as if to say, 'I had no idea but thanks for letting me know' - and then you do it anyways! Your favourite animal is a 'woof-woof' and you really enjoy the show 'Jake & the Neverland Pirates' - hence the theme for your second birthday party. When the music to that show comes on, look out dance moves! You love to listen to music and dance with your brother. You've got some pretty cool moves that ladies enjoy!

You are a shy boy! In new situations or in meeting new people, your immediate reaction is hide your head, or cover your face. It takes a while to warm you up to new things but once you are comfortable with a situation, its hard to break you away from it. You have an infectious laugh. When you think something is funny or someone makes you laugh, you usually have the whole room laughing right a long with you.

You like to help out and if we give you a job to do, you are very enthusiastic about it. Sometimes you initiate the jobs on your own - like putting away dishes out of the dishwasher or swiffering the floors!

You are still a good little sleeper... some nights you like to stay up later than your brother but you don't mind sleeping every chance you get. On the weekends and in the evenings you love to play outside but now that the snow is here, you aren't such a fan of getting ready in all the winter gear.

As you embark on your third year, I want you to know how special you are to our family, and how much you are loved. I know you will always be the baby of the family, and I will cling to any opportunity to savour those moments, but at the same time I can't wait to see what this year has in store for you. You are the spark plug of our family, you get us going and bring an element of sass and attitude that we were definitely missing! We love your silliness, and love your determination to succeed!

We are so proud of the little boy you are, we love you so much and are so thankful for the joy you bring to our lives. Thank you for being you... and for being my baby boy! Daddy and I love you today and always. Hugs and kisses little man. 

Love Mom xxoo

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