Friday, October 05, 2012

Emery: Age 4

Emery... my sweet, loving, growing boy, today you are 4.

Turning four is a milestone you've have hit with stride. I can't quite grasp the fact that I have a four year old boy, but you are bouncing off the walls at the thought of being four!

I tried to help you put your shoes on this morning before school, but you politely reminded me 'its okay Mommy, I don't need your help anymore'. This has been the underlying theme over the last year for you. You have gained so much independence and are very proudly doing many things on your own without requiring much help from anyone.

You finished your pre-school program in the spring and it was easy to see from that experience that you were ready to take on kindergarten. You've eased into the school routine so well. Any concerns Mommy and Daddy may have had were quickly erased when you bounced off that bus at the end of your first day grinning ear to ear.

You make these big milestones look like just another day, and Mommy and Daddy feel lucky to have a boy who takes everything in stride.

You absolutely, one hundred percent, love school. You love it so much that when we announce its the weekend (with tons of enthusiasm) you start to pout and say 'but I don't wanna quit school'. We can't help but laugh (and wonder if you'll be this enthusiastic in 10 years)!

You have made new friends at school and are starting to develop a little social life. I love listening to you recount your conversations with your school buddies (Alex, Ceilib, Gabe, and Luke)  of the games you were playing at recess and who said something funny or did something inappropriate. So far (a month into school) your teachers have all reported how well your doing.

This past year you started swimming lessons and between hanging out at the cottage and Grandma & Grandpa C's pool, you were a little fish! You also started playing soccer this past year. You had a blast and although the summer was hot, you didn't mind running the field and scoring goals all. season. long. You were sad when soccer was over, but then skating started again, and with new skates to start the season off, you are ready to gain some speed this year. Road hockey is also another favourite of yours and you have lots of fun playing in the driveway with the neighbours.

You had an amazing summer of fun at the cottage with Grandma & Grandpa C and travelling north to Thessalon to visit Grandma & Grandpa B. You didn't mind being spoiled by both sets of grandparents, and playing the reassuring big brother to Hudson as he experienced new things for the first time.

You are 38 lbs and 44 inches tall now. You have taken a real growth spurt in the past couple of months and have grown out of a lot of clothes. You are into all things superheros now, your favourite one being Spider-Man. We often call you 'Emery Parker' - Spider-Man's brother! You requested a  Spider-Man theme for your birthday party this year, and were so excited to have your friends over to play at your house.  You have asked for a Spider-Man Transformer for you birthday, and I am sure you will get that and more!

In addition to Spider-Man, you like to watch Octonots, Bubble Guppies, Batman, and Man-tracker (with Daddy).  This past year you went to your first movie theater movie and thought it was pretty AWESOME! You like playing transformers, and anything that lets you dress up in a cape. You are big into navigating your way around the computer. You often ask to watch a show on the YouTube, and if we can't find one suitable, you tell us with simplicity 'should probably download it then'!  You make us laugh every day.

You have always been a caring individual, but the older you get, the more we see how truly empathetic you are to others. When someone is hurt or needs helps you are right there to tell them 'its going to be okay' or 'I can help you'. You do get in trouble from time to time, but you like to explain why you thought it was okay to do what you were doing, or tell us what you thought was going to happen vs. what actually happened. You say the words 'actually' and 'totally' a lot! You love to chat... (like your Mommy)! Daddy thinks you have a word quota that you MUST hit every day before you can fall asleep, its somewhere between 25 and 30,000 words a day! No wonder you have no trouble falling asleep at night!

I love that you can express yourself to others, and that you maintain your manners often without prompting. This past year, you and Hudson have really learned how to play together. You engage him in so many games, and really make it fun for him. You know when to give in and when to stand your ground. Your genuine nature is sweet, caring and respectful and you make both Daddy and I so proud on a daily basis.

This year I wish for you smooth and exciting adventures, filled with love and happiness each and every day. I hope you realize how special you are to Mommy and Daddy, and that the day we welcomed you into our family was truly life changing in the best way possible.

Have an amazing birthday my big boy and keep enriching our family with your kind and endearing ways.

Lots of love today and always.

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