Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Special Helper Homework!

Today E has been chosen by his teacher to be the special helper for his class. Yesterday,  he came home beaming with the news that today would be his day and that he had to 'prepare a coupla things' for his class.

Included in his bag was a note from the teacher informing us that he would be the 'L'ami du jour' and a request to have us help him fill out a some information about himself (in French) for the class and to practice the sentences he would have to say this morning to introduce himself.

E was pretty excited to get down to business but when we opened the special folder that came home with him, the booklet he was to fill in was no where to be found. I am not sure if the teacher forgot to include it (which E claims) or if he misplaced it somewhere between school and home.  Either way we had to improvise... but we got the job done!

The one activity was to draw a picture of himself above the sentence 'Je suis un garçon'. I was pretty impressed at how he followed instructions to draw his head and then added in the facial details with minimal guidance. He also had the French sentences down pat before we even started to practice them. He's retaining much more French than I had anticipated at this stage and the good news for me is that its helping me to practice my outdated French speaking skills too.

I am excited to hear how his day went today, I am sure he'll be bummed that this special recognition didn't last longer than a day!

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