Friday, October 19, 2012

The birthday project for Mom!

Today is my Mom's 60th birthday - (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!)... and what an amazing milestone she has reached.  I remember when I was younger and thinking sixty was old, but now to be in my thirties and have my Mom turning sixty, it doesn't seem old at all! She looks great and now that her and my Dad are both retired, I think they both seem more youthful and relaxed than ever before.

My mom is not an over-the-top person... she is generally easy to please and agreeable, but she does make it known that she is not fond of being the center of attention - at all. With this milestone birthday approaching, I knew she would not want a big surprise party because she is just not that kinda gal, but I didn't want to let the occasion slip by without much mention of it.  After all she is SIXTY, and that deserves some kind of celebration in my (humble) opinion!

About six months ago I stumbled upon a link where a daughter did this fabulous project for her father... and it got me thinking that it was an awesome idea to put in my back pocket for a special occasion in the future.  Well fast forward and although I was in the middle of planning E's birthday party, I thought, what the heck, I think I can pull off 'my version' of the this project too.

So... I took stock of addresses that I had from my wedding folder, and then enlisted my Dad to do some undercover work with my Mom's address book (which thank gawd she still uses the old fashioned pen and paper style book thrown in the junk drawer, my Dad had no problem getting the info I needed). I emailed my invitation lady and got her to whip me up a quick request card informing people what I needed them to do, and BAM! ... I was off and running.

I complied a list of sixty candidates that I thought would be happy to participate and that she'd be happy hear from, if not surprised in some cases.  I located some colourful note cards and envelopes and got my stamping supplies out.  After a few evenings of dedicated prep work, I had sixty cards ready to mail out.
I really wasn't sure exactly how this was going to come together after I dropped the invitations in the mail, but when my Dad was at my house for Thanksgiving, he mentioned that he gets the mail most days, so he could collect the incoming cards as they arrived and save them up until today.  He took this job seriously, and did not disappoint as this morning he was able to present her with a mail bag full of wishes and I know she has enjoyed reading each one.

Thank you to everyone who participated and made this birthday project a total success.

To my Mom... you are a special woman who means a lot me. You are also a special Grandma to my two boys. I am so happy that you continue to play an active and present part in our lives, and I really can't thank you enough for always being at my side no matter what the obstacles or success stories have been. I hope you enjoy this milestone today... and PC, the boys, and I look forward to helping you celebrate many more years of health and happiness.

Love you and miss you.
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