Monday, September 24, 2012

Lucky Number Seven!

Hard to imagine that seven years ago, PC and I were only starting out on a journey that has already provided us with so much.  As we celebrate seven years of marriage today, I am just in awe of everything we have accomplished together - and its ONLY been seven years.

I get excited at this time every year because its like playing Monopoly and going past GO... only instead of collecting $200, we are collecting another year of 'happily ever after'.We might purchase somethings along the way, or sell-off a few others, but were buying and selling together, and as along as we're avoiding going to jail - I'd say were doing okay!

This past year has been about achieving a balance.  With two busy boys in our lives, we rarely find time to for the two of us but I think the point is that we still enjoy those outings when we do get to be together as just a couple - sans kids.  Our boys have provided us with so many laughs this past year... and its made us both see that raising a family, although tough at times, can be equally rewarding and then some.

PC, still the keeper of many titles: friend, lover, and partner for life! Thank you for putting up with my crap, and your welcome for putting up with yours!

I love you.
Happy Anniversary.

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