Sunday, October 14, 2012

The birthday balloon tradition!

On E's birthday its tradition that we release a helium balloon into the sky as way to celebrate with those who are no longer with us here on earth, but to the many guardian angels that we know are celebrating with him.

This year was no different from past years, except that E's excitement to participate in this tradition was ten-fold. He was dancing around at the thought of letting the balloons go and even remarked 'I hope you guys are ready for this'!

We let the balloons go.... and while they may have got snagged on the neighbours tree for a couple a minutes, they were high in the sky in no time! I'm not sure how E truly felt but I know I had a warm feeling after they disappeared and the sentimental side of me was shedding a tear.

Thank you to all of our guardian angels up above for continuing to keep this little boy and his baby brother safe for another amazing year. We love you and miss you everyday.

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