Monday, October 15, 2012

Spiderman Birthday Party!

For E's 4th birthday party, he requested a Spider-Man theme, so I put my spidey sense to work at organizing a little afternoon of fun for a small group of classmates and friends.

This was the first year that I decided to downsize his celebration into a small party of friends and then a family party. This was also the first year that E was in school, and that opens up a whole new world of friend selection. I did not want to invite the whole class or even half the class, but there were a few names that E kept mentioning so we limited it six friends and started the planning. E was very eager to have his buddies over to play at his house so we decided to do a few games, with cake and presents, on a Saturday afternoon at our house.

I searched around for some fun Spider-Man themed ideas and found a cool no-sew cape pattern online. E loves wearing capes around the house to do anything so I figured he might enjoy a spider themed cape for his special day - and if E had one, all of his friends should have one too!

The capes were probably the bulk of the work... but honestly I would do it again! They turned out better than I had envisioned and both my boys are still wearing them to play superhero games at home. E was grinning ear to ear when he put his on... and that made my day.

The rest of the party was low key... we did an easy 'Don't sit on Spidey' game and then a 'Pin Spidey on the Web' game. They were straight forward and easy to pull together. I had the cake done by a new gal near our house (Jo's Frosting's) and it was beyond delicious! It was a red velvet cream cheese cake and was very good not to mention the aaaaaaaaaamazing Spider-Man detail she created on her own. I did some cupcakes on the side with some fun toppers that I was able to download online - add in some balloon trees and the party was ready to roll.

It turned out be a beautiful day out for the party, so we got the formalities wrapped up in enough time to enjoy some outdoor play. E was seriously in heaven running circles outside with his friends. I was happy to see that we were able to achieve what he wanted for his special day.

E concluded at the end of the day that it was 'my bestest birthday ever' so that made it worth the effort entirely. I sent cupcakes to the school on his actually birthday to celebrate with his class and then finally we did a small family party on Thanksgiving weekend. He was over the moon to be spoiled with three special celebrations and he is still talking about the events and reading all of the fun cards he received.

The Spider-Man party is now in the books, but the love for Spidey in our house has grown enormously with all of the new Spider-Man gear E has received. Every night from 5 to 7 you can catch one happy boy slinging webs with a giant smile thanks to Spidey and friends!
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