Sunday, September 23, 2012

A little too early for this one!

So it's Friday morning, and I've over slept by fifteen minutes... which is not the end of the world but its the fifteen minutes of the morning that I have to myself before the rest of the house wakes, where I organize my thoughts, my day, and figure out what's for dinner.  I'm am just wiping the sleep out my eyes when in bounces E to the bathroom, wide awake and chatting away (like most mornings).

As I say good morning to him, he stripes out of his pajama bottoms and goes for a pee. I haven't even processed what day of the week it is, when he poses the following question:

Mommy, do girls have penis' too?

Me: (still wondering what day of the week it is)... Ahh no.
E: (not about to drop it) How come?

Me: (man I could use a coffee right now)... Because boys and girls are made differently.
E: So girls don't have penis'? (looking at me dead serious).

Me: No.
E: Really? So girls can't ever have penis'?

Me: (not even debating the long answer on this one)... No.
E: You mean its im-paw-sa-ble?

Me: (given that's its 6:15 am) Yes, its impossible.
E: Okay... can I get dressed now?

Me: (laughing) Yes.

I debated pulling out the Varsity Blues line of 'penis penis penis, vagina vagina vagina'... the one that rings through my head every time anyone says penis; but since it was a school day, and we are only a few weeks into school, I gasped at the thought of E sharing with the teacher or his friends something along the lines of ' my Mom always says: penis penis penis'!! 

After my brains kicked in about thirty minutes later, I was thankful that the discussion ended with a simply yes and no answer. I have feeling the next time this subject comes up, I'm not going to get off so easy!

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